The best payout online casino in Canada is the dream of all experienced gamblers. However, not everyone can understand how to choose the best site in this category. Here the concept of return to player or the so-called RTP plays an important role, but not all even advanced gamblers correctly read this indicator.

We are here to help you sort things out and make your gambling experience fantastic. This review reveals all the secrets of finding the best payout virtual casino.

How to Understand Return to Player (RTP)

Gamblers evaluate one of those characteristics when they get to a new site and immediately before registration. Generally, the best casino games, in terms of payouts, have an RTP well above 90%. But how to understand this indicator? Often expressed as a percentage, RTP shows how much money, in theory, can return to players from all those lost in a particular game over a certain period.

RTP is a theoretical average and should not be taken literally. For example, the RTP of a game is 90%. So if a punter spends 100 Canadian dollars playing roulette, it does not mean that they will definitely win back 90 of them. In fact, this indicator shows what percentage of the money lost in the casino will be distributed among the players (completely randomly; someone is lucky and someone is not).

Most often, RTP is applied to slot machines. The reason is that each slot, both in physical and virtual casinos, is initially programmed to pay out a certain percentage of winnings. Unfortunately, as many beginners mistakenly think, these wins do not occur regularly.

However, a higher RTP indicates a certain generosity of the online operator and, therefore, theoretically higher payouts. For this reason, most gamblers are looking for the best payout online casino in Canada.

Games with Theoretical Maximum Payouts

All casino games are different in their characteristics and chances of winning. Some of them are based not only on luck but also on the player’s skill. In table games, for example, it is also important to consider the advantage of the casino. The lower this indicator, the higher the theoretical RTP.

Luckily, the details regarding RTP, the house edge, and the winning odds are relatively transparent for many inexperienced gamblers. These indicators, as a rule, are shown in the description of games on the website of a particular online operator or are available for general viewing on the Internet.

Live Dealer Games

Live online roulette has the same chances of winning as the classic version in land-based casinos. However, the game is completely based on the element of luck, and the RTP differs depending on the variation: European, French or American. Some live dealer games such as baccarat, video poker and blackjack also depend on the player’s skill and knowledge of effective strategies in addition to the random number generator. For example, in live baccarat, the house edge is reduced to a minimum and is approximately 1%, so this is one of the most popular games in the best payout online casino in Canada.

Video Poker

In this game, it is important to pay attention to the house advantage, as it differs depending on the game variant. As a rule, the house edge in video poker is not small, but the payouts here are also large.

Table Games

Here, the chances of winning may vary depending on the game and its variations. For example, some games have RTP over 97%. One such table game is online blackjack, with one of the lowest house edges.

Virtual Slots

In this category of games, the house edge is one of the highest. However, the player’s chances of winning are also considerable unless, of course, you carefully choose a slot game with a high RTP. For example, the best payout online casino in Canada features virtual one-armed bandits with an average RTP of around 96%.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

This category of games is very popular and available in almost every best payout online casino in Canada. Such slot games allow you to try your luck to win the jackpot.

Highest Payout Online Games with RTP Details

Game TypeTheoretical RTP (average)
Roulette (American version)94-95%
Video Poker99.5%

Best Payout Online Casino in Canada: Banking Options

When opting for the best payout online casino in Canada, punters pay attention to the available deposit and withdrawal methods. Payment providers must process transactions quickly and without delay. However, it should be borne in mind that the speed of payments depends on the payment method you choose.

In addition to credit cards, bank transfers and many other payment and withdrawal methods, you will find the most popular e-wallets at the best payout online casino in Canada. The reason is that this method of withdrawing funds is by far the fastest. In the assortment of almost every casino, you can find:


other e-wallets

PayPal users often report that most Canadian online operators do not accept this payment method. This is mainly because, in Canada, there are some restrictive rules regarding online gambling, and PayPal’s policy considers the laws of the user’s country.

Organizations Verifying Casino Payouts

Each player hopes for a safe and fair game result when looking for the best payout online casino in Canada. Independent organizations regularly test all licensed gambling sites according to a number of criteria, including the honesty of the RTP.



This UK-based organization is known for auditing e-commerce sites for legality, reliability and security. It has operated since 2003 and has received many awards in the industry.



Gaming Laboratories International specializes in checking sites that provide gambling services. A certificate from this organization is a reputable mark of quality and a green light for Canadian players.

itech labs

iTech Labs

This company, on a regular basis, tests online operators in many European and Asian countries, as well as Canada and Australia. Thanks to this, gamblers around the world can get a high-quality and, most importantly, safe gaming experience.