The modern gambling market is so diverse that even the most experienced player can get confused with the choice. Not everyone knows that online casino games differ in general gameplay, quality, graphics, and other important characteristics.

On this page, we have described the most popular categories of gambling entertainment, taking into account the advantages of the casino. This information will help you choose the game you like and have an exciting gaming experience.

Most Played Online Casino Games

When choosing online casino games, pay attention to such an indicator as the theoretical advantage of the casino. It shows the possible chances of the punter winning. However, in addition to this, it is also worth choosing titles from trusted software providers.

Online GameTheoretical House Edge
Blackjack0.5% and higher
Video Poker0.5% and higher
Baccarat1.05% (in case of Banker Bet)
Craps1.35% (in case of Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bet)
Three Card Pokerfrom 1.56% to 5%
European or French Rouletteabout 2.7%
Pai Gow Pokerabout 2.84%
Slot Machinesfrom 3% to 7%
Caribbean Stud Pokerabout 5.22%
Roulette (American version)about 5.26%


Online slots are one of the most popular gambling categories among Canadian players. The game is quite simple and suitable for exploring the world of online casino games. However, do not get carried away because fairly simple gameplay can cause the entire bankroll to sink in a matter of minutes.

All that is required of the punter is to decide how much to bet and on how many lines. In addition, gamblers have access to different options for slot games: classic one-armed bandits, video slots, 3D slots and games with progressive jackpots.


It is unlikely that you will meet someone who has not played one of the poker variations at least once in their life or has not heard about this game. Poker differs from all other online casino games with rather extensive rules and many combinations. To become a pro, you need to practice a lot and master all possible strategies, and then you can enjoy a truly competitive environment.

The stakes at the high roller tables can reach round sums. In addition, many online operators often hold special tournaments where everyone can show their skills and bluffing skills.


Roulette has always fascinated visitors to luxury physical casinos. In modern virtual casinos, this game also occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most popular online casino games. The main attribute of the game is the wheel and the ball. On which wheel sectors the ball stops decides the game’s outcome. The rules and payouts of the game may differ depending on the roulette variation. For example, in the American version of roulette, there is an additional sector, which increases the advantage of the casino and, at the same time, reduces the player’s chances of winning.


Gamblers in Italy as far back as the 1400s have played baccarat. Today, this game is associated with the sophistication and prestige of expensive land-based casinos. In the virtual version, as well as in the standard version, the following bets are available to the player:

  • the Banker (that is, the dealer);
  • the Player;
  • a Draw.

The game goal is to guess who will win. The winner is the one who collects a hand of two cards that are as close as possible to 9. The amount of winnings and, in general, the player’s chances of winning largely depend on the variation of the game (the number of decks of cards used) and the bet chosen by the player.


One of the most popular online casino games among Canadians is blackjack. The main reason punters around the world choose this game is that the rules are simple, and the house edge is one of the most minimal. The player is required to collect a combination of cards as close as possible to 21 and, at the same time, bypass the dealer. Whoever scores more than 21 is considered the loser. In addition to the element of luck, strategy knowledge also plays a role in blackjack.


The best choice is bingo for those who do not like to sit at the same game for a couple of hours in a row. Due to its simple rules and dynamism, bingo is loved by gamblers of all ages around the world. At the beginning of the game, the player receives a virtual card with scattered numbers (in some variations, several). A certain number appears randomly on the screen. If the punter manages to cross out all the numbers they want, they win.


Craps belongs to the category of online casino games that do not require the study of complex rules and strategies. Instead, all bets are indicated on the table, and the essence of the game is to guess which numbers will fall on the dice.

Play for Free or Real Money

Each player has a choice: enjoy the available gambling entertainment in demo mode or play for real money. Both modes have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, free online casino games offer the opportunity to enjoy your favourite games without investment and are suitable for testing the site. At the same time, games for real money are more diverse and allow you to try your luck to win cash prizes.

Real Game Features

  • Real-money games generate more joy and adrenaline, making the gambling experience more exciting.
  • The player can try their luck to win the jackpot.
  • The available bonus offers and promotions are very diverse.
  • The game library is quite extensive.

Free Game Features

  • A great way to practice and test the site.
  • The ability to play your favourite games without risk.
  • Some sites do not require registration and sharing of personal information.